Corporate Gifting

Goodbye boring stock standard hampers. Hello Urban Feast. The ultimate gift for food-loving employees, clients, suppliers, members or partners. 

Kick more into your employee’s pay and help them save money by giving them the opportunity to enjoy their culinary landscape and eat more, try more, spend less.

Give your employees a pat on the back and recognise their hard work with a reward you know they will love—food.

Keep a smile on your corporate community’s face with a gift that encourages client and member loyalty.

     How can we partner with you?

    • We can offer a unique promotional code for your employees, clients or members to purchase Urban Feast at a discounted rate.
    • You can purchase bundles of discounted Urban Feast cards as gifts for employees, clients or members. Christmas gifting is just around the corner.
    • Include Urban Feast on your existing employment engagement platform as a reward opportunity employees can pick.

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