Got a few questions? We hope to answer those here, but if you're still unsure of something, please get in touch and we'll get back to you asap.

What does purchasing an Urban Feast card get me?

A whole lot of perks! You’ll be cruising around town with $25 off your total bill at the 20 participating restaurants across your city. 

Which venues can I use my card at? 

You can check out the full list for your city here.

How much does an Urban Feast card cost?

Urban Feast cards are available to purchase for $79.00 + shipping

How do I buy an Urban Feast card?

Right here at www.urbanfeast.theurbanlist.com . We’ve only released a limited quantity so best to get in quick so you don’t miss out. 

How do I use my Urban Feast card?

Present the card to waitstaff when paying your bill. They will take the card and mark off their restaurant number on the back, so they know you’ve feasted. The $25 reduction will be applied to your bill, and they’ll return your card so you can use it at another participating spot.

How long is it valid? 

Offers are all valid up to and including August 31, 2020.

Are there any exclusions? 

You can use the card once at each of the venues, and your total bill must be $75 or more (including food and drink). Only one card can be used per table, so if you’re dining with a group and a few of you have a card (we like how you roll) we’ll leave it to you to sort amongst yourselves.

Can more than one card be used in a group?

Only one card can be used per table.

Can a restaurant decide to “Opt Out” during the offer period period?

No. Contractually, the restaurants participating will be obliged to continue to honour the cards presented during the offer period.

What happens if a restaurant closes down?

If a restaurant closes down during or before August 2020, they will no longer be required to participate in the offer. Their contract with Urban Feast will be abolished and the restaurant will be removed from any Urban Feast promotional material and Urban List publications etc. It’s at our discretion as to whether we fill the spot with another restaurant.

Can restaurants specify any food items that are exempt to the promotion?

The restaurants agree to honour the card when presented for any bill inclusive of food (unless during a special event). 

Can the card be used for drinks?

Exclusively? No. The total bill may include drinks but MUST include food items for the card to be honoured. 

Do cardholders need to mention the Urban Feast card when making a booking?

No. Cardholders will only need to present the card upon payment of the bill.

Can patrons buy Urban Feast cards from participating restaurants?

No. The Urban Feast cards are only available for purchase at urbanfeast.theurbanlist.com 

I’ve bought a card, when will I receive it?

We’re expecting high demand and will fulfil orders as quickly as possible. Your card will be posted out to you within 7-10 business days. 

Can I have my card posted outside of Australia?

No, cards must be delivered to an Australian postal address only. 

Can I buy more than one Urban Feast Card?

Yes, you can buy as many cards as you like, but you can only use 1 card per visit to each venue. 

What if I lose my card? 

Please treat your card as cash. If you lose your card or damage it in any way we can’t replace it as we would have no visibility into which venues it had already been redeemed through. Keep it safe, kids.

Can my card be redeemed for cash?


How many cities is Urban Feast running in?

  1. Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. Cards are city specific and only valid for restaurants in that city (eg. you cannot use a Melbourne card in Brisbane).

Do restaurants need to accept cards from other cities?

No. Restaurants will only accept the Urban Feast card specific to their city (Eg. You cannot use a Melbourne card in Brisbane). Cards have the relevant city marked on the front.

I’ve bought a card but want to change the delivery address, what do I do?

Email us at urbanfeast@theurbanlist.com with the new address you’d like it sent to. If the card has not already been processed for delivery we attempt to change the delivery address for you. 

When purchasing a card, what happens to my information?

Your data (including personal information and card/bank account details) will be stored securely within our website and Paypal. By purchasing an Urban Feast card you agree to your email address being provided to participating venues for marketing purposes (at their discretion). For more information please see our privacy policy at www.theurbanlist.com/privacy .

If I only read one question, as a cardholder, what do I need to know? 

  • Cards can only be used once for each restaurant
  • Customers can only use the card during food service hours
  • The bill must be over $75 in order to use the card (before the reduction is applied)
  • The bill must include food
  • The card must be presented in person when paying the bill
  • The full reduction must be applied in a single transaction (eg. you cannot claim $20 in one sitting then $5 in another at the same venue)
  • Only one card can be used per table
  • Cards do not need to be accepted in conjunction with any other offer or special events (at venues discretion)

I have more questions, who can I speak to?

Please reach out to urbanfeast@theurbanlist.com. We expect a high volume of enquiries over the launch period and will do our best to answer your questions within 2 business days.