Restaurant FAQs

How long does Urban Feast run for? 

Urban Feast cards will be on sale (via Urban List website) in mid August. They’ll be available to use in-person in participating restaurants for 12 months, until 31st August 2020. 

What are the restaurant obligations to customers presenting the card? All participating restaurants agree to offer a $25 voucher toward the total bill (food and alcohol included). 

Are there any restrictions? 

  • Customers can use the card at any time during that restaurants food service hours 
  • The bill must be over $75 in order for them to use the card 
  • The card must be presented in person 
  • Cards can only be used once for each restaurant 
  • Only one card can be used per table 
  • Cards do not need to be accepted in conjunction with any other offer or special events (at each Venue’s discretion) 

How will restaurants apply the $25 off each bill? It’s at the discretion of each restaurant. Where possible, we recommend creating the ability to process this simply via a button within your POS system. 

What do participating restaurants commit to? Put simply, restaurants are responsible for: 

  • Marking off the redemption on the back of the card (each restaurant is allocated a number 1-20. See the staff training guide or the onboarding deck for you #). 
  • Educating their staff on the offer and ensuring a seamless consumer experience when presenting the card 
  • Capturing data about card redemption where possible (eg. how many cards have been presented to that restaurant over a period of time). 
  • Abiding by all privacy agreements with regard to data provided by Urban List about cardholders 

What benefits do the restaurants get in exchange for participating? Data for marketing and promotion 

Urban List will provide restaurants with a list of names and email addresses of card purchasers (for marketing use, compliant to specific data and privacy T&C’s provided by Urban List to restaurants). 

Editorial Coverage In exchange for participating Urban List commit to the following Editorial Coverage for each restaurant during the 12 month period (unless advised otherwise): 

  • 1 x editorial article 
  • 2 x Facebook posts 
  • 1 x Instagram story 
  • 2 x Instagram posts 
  • 2 x EDM Feature Articles 
  • Included in min 2 x category guides (relevant categories at editor's discretion e.g. “Melbourne’s Best Desserts”) 
  • 1 x 2 hour photo shoot with min. 8 images provided 
  • License to leverage editorial and imagery across owned channels 

How many cities is Urban Feast running in? 4. Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. Cards are city specific and only valid for restaurants in that 


How many cards are being sold? 

  • 1000 x in Sydney 
  • 1000 x in Melbourne 
  • 500 x in Brisbane 
  • 500 x in Perth 

How many venues per city are participating in Urban Feast? 20 venues per city. 

Do restaurants need to accept cards from other cities? No. Restaurants are only able and required to accept the card specific to their city (Eg. You cannot use a Melbourne card in Brisbane). The cards will have their city marked on the front. 

Can the restaurants promote their participation in Urban Feast? Yes. Restaurants can promote and showcase their involvement with Urban Feast on their own social media channels. Marketing assets/logos will be provided by Urban List. 

Can more than one card be used in a group? Only one card can be used per bill. 

Can patrons buy Urban Feast cards from participating restaurants? No. The Urban Feast cards are only available for purchase on the Urban List website. 

What is preventing a card being used more than once at a restaurant? 

  • The back of the card displays numbers 1-20, and each restaurant will be given a number. 
  • When the card is presented, you will cross out the number for your restaurant on the back of the card, showing that it has been redeemed at your restaurant. 
  • If you wish, you can also keep track of the card number that has been redeemed. Each card will have a unique number on the front. 

Will training be provided for restaurant staff? 

  • Urban List will provide participating restaurants with an easy to read 1-page guide on how to manage the card process during the offer period. 
  • It will be the restaurant’s responsibility to ensure all wait staff at their restaurant are across the process and prepared to provide a seamless customer experience. 

Do restaurants need to participate for the full 12 months? Yes. Participating restaurants must accept the card upon presentation in person for the full 12 month term (unless the card has already been used at that restaurant, or shows signs of damage/duplication). 

Is there any money exchanging hands for being a part of Urban Feast (either to the restaurants from Urban List or vice versa)? No. The restaurants do not pay, nor are they paid, to be part of Urban Feast. 

Do the restaurants get any creative control over what Urban List write/post about them in the 12 month promotional period? No. Urban List agree to commit to the above offering of editorial coverage, but it is at the discretion of our city editors what exactly is written/posted (bearing in mind Urban List do not write any negative articles/reviews). 

What happens if a restaurant closes down during the 12 month promotional period? If a restaurant closes down during or before August 2020, they will no longer be required to participate in the offer. Their contract with Urban Feast will be abolished and the restaurant will be removed from any Urban Feast promotional material and Urban List publications etc. 

Can restaurants specify any food items that are except to the promotion? The restaurants agree to honour the card when presented for any bill inclusive of food (with the exception of special offers and/or special events—this is at the discretion of the venue). 

Can the card be used for drinks? Exclusively? No. The total bill may include drinks but MUST include food items for the card to be honoured. 

Do patrons need to mention the Urban Feast card when making a booking? No. Patrons will only need to present the card upon payment of the bill. 

Can a restaurant decide to “Opt Out” during the 12 month period? No. Contractually the restaurants participating will be obliged to continue to honour the cards presented during the full 12 month period. 

What happens if restaurants decide to stop accepting the cards during the promotion period? Urban List reserve the right to remove any restaurant deemed to not be honouring the spirit of the Urban Feast agreement and providing customers with a seamless experience. 

Have any other questions? Please reach out to Urban Feast Venue Liaison, Ellie Healan, at