Restaurant Terms

In short, in exchange for you agreeing to accept the Urban Feast card, Urban List will be:

● Driving up to 1000 new customers through your door
● Providing you with a list of up to 1000 new diners to contribute to your database
● And ensuring editorial exposure across the Urban List site, EDM and social channels for your city over the
course of 12 months, including:
○ 1 x editorial article
○ 2 x Facebook posts
○ 1 x Instagram story
○ 2 x Instagram posts on the Urban List Instagram;
○ 1 x EDM Feature Article
○ Your restaurant included in a minimum of 2 x category guides (relevant categories at editor's discretion)
○ 1 x 2 hour photo shoot with a photographer elected by Urban List - minimum 8 images provided to you
from that photo shoot.

All content created will be at our editors’ discretion — it won’t be shared with you for review before being published — and we
commit to ensuring your business is showcased in the best possible light. That’s always been our jam.

You can use all of these assets across your own digital channels (e.g. your social pages, EDM and website) but not for
advertising purposes.

Important things that you’re committing to include (but aren’t limited to):
● Providing a one-time discount to everyone with an Urban Feast card at your restaurant for the promotional period
— 12 months — providing the total bill is $75 or more (including food and drink);
● Ensuring your staff know about the promotion and provide Urban Feast customers a seamless redemption
experience (we’ll help with that by providing training materials);
● Not hiking the prices or treating Urban Feast customers any differently than your other guests;
● Keeping cardholder data private and secure;
● Collecting some stats so we can understand how effectively it worked for you and build on it for next time;
● We’re not paying each other any monetary sums.